In Favor Of Assisted Suicide Essay

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In Favor of Assisted Death People are not aware of destiny; sometimes it just happens that a person from one day to another is detected with a type of terminal illness, which cannot be cured even with the most effective medication. For example, having cancer, they don’t know what to do, nor know when it hits them. However, some people are afraid of dying and leaving behind all their family members and loved ones. Individuals should approve Assisted Death Suicide, because cancer is very painful. People go through a lot of pain, even their families go through trauma, and they have the right to decide their own fate, and have a good quality of life. Although, some people are against assisted suicide, because of their religious beliefs, lack of doctors training, and medication costs. According to Marilyn Golden “There is a widespread public that those opposed to legalization of assisted suicide in California are religious conservatives” (828). Some religious people don’t like assisted suicide because; they think it’s wrong for a person to take away the patient’s life. A psychiatrist named Herbert Hendin, argues that there’s lack of training of doctors, “Studies show that the less physicians know about palliative care, the more they favor assisted suicide or euthanasia, the more…show more content…
“If you oppose physician-assisted suicide, first try to walk a mile in the shoes of those to whom you would deny this choice” (Fensterman 825). People should understand the severe pain their loved ones are going through, and that they want to have a good quality of life without being unrecognized with the change, and have the right to be able to choose their own death. It’s really hard for them to keep living with horrible pain, and not be able to do something because of their physical condition, but if people were to support their own decision, they can die in peace, without having to deteriorate slowly
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