In Glish By Christina Tang-Bernas

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In the short story “ in-glish” by Christina Tang-Bernas. It’s where the main character was young enough to learn english and to get rid of all the lingering Chinese accent. Also wondering if there was any Chinese still with her as she listens to herself speak. As she was on the playground she would try and say things to the other kids and it wouldn’t turn out how she wanted it to be. She wanted to take placement exams for math, and english, but the front desk person only asked about the english exam. He said she should call somebody and not email them. She didn’t like idea because she couldn’t do any spell-check or editing to the words. Through this story you can’t put yourself down because of others and frustration. Just because you can’t…show more content…
From taking english as a two and a half year old, to wanting to take placement exams or math and english. She has gotten herself a long way, by her english is coming a little slower. First is taking english class and seeing her lingering Chinese slowly drift away from her. Then she tries to ask questions to others, but they never turn out how she wants them to be. Then they just make fun of her. Next she is wanting to do placement tests, but the guy at the desk said otherwise. After that she calls someone for some help in her speaking. Lastly she isn’t excited, but she knows it for the best. As her years went on she knew speaking was hard and all she had to do was ask for help. Don’t get mad and frustrated if things don’t work out. You need to work and practice. Working hard is always a good think, you are able to do great things. You shouldn’t be scared of what others will think of you when you speak. Also don’t be afraid to ask for some help. There are people everywhere that will help you. She had it really hard, but she wasn’t afraid to call even if she knew it wouldn 't turn out good. Just because she has social anxiety doesn’t mean she can’t get over it and conquer her
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