In God We Trust Research Paper

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When people contemplate America, the word that frequently comes to mind is freedom. Foreigner’s dream of traveling to America so they can create their own decisions, marry who they love, belong to the religion of their choice, and become whoever they want to be. This is a privilege Americans often take for granted, the American dream is endless, but when free choice is given disputes will arise. How much freedom is too much, can we have too much freedom? Numerous people believe that having “In God we Trust” on American currency imposes Christianity on the American Citizens and takes away their right, but these sayings is what lead America to becoming the great country it is today. By keeping God on the American currency and in the national pledge, it will aid as a reminder on how our nation began. Having “In God we Trust” is one of the most controversial topics when discussing religion and the government. Having those four words, represents more than just trusting in God, it serves as a remembrance of what our nation was and how it became the country everyone fancies. This phrase has been a part of America since it was founded. It protects religion from the Government not the Government from religion, thus no matter what someone believes, the Government cannot take away the right…show more content…
By saying our nation is under God we are declaring that our Nation is good. The majority of citizens would agree that The Ten Commandments are laws that our nation should and is founded upon. Honor they father and thy mother, thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not commit adultery, though shalt not steal, and thou shalt not lie are vital to the nation. Without these morals the justice system would have no effect, the population would not have love because there is no respect, and the world would be chaotic. Even if someone does not believe in God they can generally say they believe in the
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