In-House Criminal Defense Investigator Research Paper

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When a person has been charged with a crime, it's after the police have conducted an investigation. There are many times when the investigation has caused the police to arrest the wrong individual. The accused has the right to have their own investigation conducted by professional detectives working for the defense. Defense attorneys can have their own in-house criminal defense investigator to find facts and evidence that will proclaim their clients' innocence.

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Criminal investigators can take courses in criminal justice that cover criminal procedures, the correct way to collect evidence and the laws that govern the process. It's the same course that a police officer would take to join the force. There are courses in constitutional law, profiling and systems of law enforcement along with
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It's much like having a license to practice law in a certain state. Even with a degree, lawyers have to pass the BAR exam. There are a few certifications available to the investigator. The National Association of Legal Investigators, or NALI, is a professional organization that tests for competency and issues certifications. The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council and the International Association for Identification offer certifications too.

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After an associate's or bachelor's degree, the investigator can continue their education towards a master's degree. There are also other voluntary certifications that can help the investigator obtain work with certain types of defense attorneys depending on the lawyer's specialization. The detective might take a course or two, attend a seminar hosted by law enforcement or gain more knowledge through a mentor.

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