In Jacoba Urist's The Art And Science Of Apologizing?

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In Jacoba Urist’s “The Art and Science of Apologizing” which was published in The Atlantic in 2016, he talks about what is the best way to make an apology perfect. There are many factors that people don’t think about when they are about to apology, which includes: the moment in which they are going to apologize, repetition, and making sure the person you are apologizing to actually accepts the apology. After reading Urist’s essay and then going to read Harvey Weinstein’s apology that he wrote after being accused of sexual harassment against multiple women, which was published in The New York Times, one could see the significant differences that Weinstein’s apology should be like as compared to how Urist says one should be. Weinstein’s apology has more weaknesses than it does strengths and the many problems, which includes apologizing too early, not acknowledging the women that were assaulted and not showing responsibility and remorse are all wrong according to Urist’s paper on how an apology should sound. Al of these issues causes Weinstein’s apology to be a sad attempt of an apology that will not be accepted by society. One of the problems with Weinstein’s apology is that he apologizes too early in his written apology and because of that, according to Urist’s paper, can slow down the process of Weinstein being forgiven. There is a right time for a person to apologize to someone that they hurt and it is quite easy to mess up. Apologize too late and it will seem that you

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