What Impact Does Advertising Have On Our Culture

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Commercial, magazines, newspaper TV and radio dominate us. We live in capitalism society where the main goal is to increase capitalism by selling us ads in order to promote identity awareness. Advertisement is a tool that’s capable of managing and changing our perspective, values, morals, etc. It’s an exercise in the behavior modification. Ads highlights that self-esteem, autonomy, family and a social relationship will bring us true happiness. Therefore, brands reinforcement and product placement in movies, billboards, commercials, television shows, the Internet and various outlets have the power to influence our everyday life and it can also shape our courtship, marriage, and life choice. This dissertation will talk about: What impact does advertising have on our culture and what values do advertising…show more content…
Gerbner believes that TV shows concentrate on race, crimes, gender, ages, health and lifestyle so they can match up with reality. “In Life According to TV” by Harry Waters, Gerbner argues, “ The prevalence of crime on TV creates a “fear of victimization” in the viewer. This fear leads to an ultimately to a “mean-world syndrome” . Therefore, viewers watch TV’s as a sign of guidance for the real world consequently they can feel some sort of security. A perfect example would be the 2014 life alert alarm system commercial. Theses type of commercial shows an elderly Caucasian window women who are living alone, however, for some reason an accident occur, she fails down the stairs and her Landry is all over the floor. The slow past camera shot of a dark grainy mansion and all we hear is a woman screaming for help evokes fears because it 's a representation of what might actually happen to many senior citizens. Why is an old woman living alone in this giant house to begin with? Plus why these commercial only highlights one
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