In Memory Of Wb Yeats Analysis

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For the purpose of this essay, I will be discussing how, Emily Bronte 's "Remembrance", Wilfred Owens "Anthem for Doomed Youth" and W.H. Auden 's "In Memory of W.B. Yeats", develop their central ideas; whilst exploring the poetic conventions they use to do so.

Firstly, Emily Bronte 's, "Remembrance" focuses on the speakers struggle to come to terms with the effects of time and remembrance. It follows the conventional elegy format. The speaker reflects on the memory of her past lover, questioning if time has depleted the love she felt for him and asks for forgiveness if she does for ‘other desires and other hopes beset her ' but she believes they cannot do her past lover wrong. From this, we can see the speaker is struggling to let go of the memory of her lover because she is frightened that if she does, she will forget him entirely.

The speakers thoughts no longer rest "their wings" over her lover as they did formerly.
Peeck-O 'Toole (39) argues, the speaker only measures time as it separates her from her loverTop of Form.Bottom of Form Any sense of real time, of life that continues normally is seen as an unwelcome occurrence, ‘the world 's tide is bearing ' her along. She moves through time unwillingly now, unsure of what to do.

There is an atmosphere of
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The rhetorical questions in the first and second stanza 's emphasise the speakers inner emotional struggle, although she knows she 'll receive no answer they are still disconcerting. The poets use of assonance unifies the speakers experience of death, sorrow, life and joy. As stated by (Gezari, 970) "Remembrance" ends with a rhetorical question that holds the speaker 's options in equipoise and with a word that emphasizes continuation, not termination. The sense of "again" and the rising inflection of the question are in tension with the meter and a reader 's sense of having come to the end of the poem. The central argument of the elegy is not so much about death but of the external hopelessness of
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