Man On Miguel Street Analysis

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An analytical essay on the story man man MAN-MAN, a play upon the word mad man, used to describe one of Miguel’s street most famous occupants. The people on Miguel Street could not tell whether or not Man-man was actually mad, (pp., 38, 41, and 42). Man-man’s character, posed a great deal of controversy and confusion; as his appearance and speech showed him to be completely sane, whereas his action showed otherwise. However, it was evident that madness was common amongst the people living on that street. Man-man; however, proved himself to be the most intelligent, and bravest of all Miguel’s street mad residents. The fact was, madness was normalized on Miguel Street, but the protagonist Man-man, uses it well to gain attention. The story of Man-man took place on Miguel Street. Everyone on Miguel Street thought man-man was mad. However they were never quite sure. The reason for the uncertainty was because…show more content…
He may have thought himself more intelligent, than the other residents, but he was oblivious to the fact that madness encompassed everyone on Miguel Street. All of Miguel’s Street characters were mad to some degree; however it is only Man-man who tried to use his madness for his own personal benefit. We can then safely say that Man- man was not the only mad person in the story. The people on Miguel Street did not know what to think about Man-man, their feelings about him fluctuated throughout the story; because his actions kept changing. May be he was actually mad, or maybe he just knew how to trick the people into giving him what he wanted. However it may be; at the end of the story it was through Man-man’s trickery, that he met his demise and the people’s first suspicion was vindicated. I believe that the people on Miguel street needed to take a look at their own actions and then maybe they would notice that they all shared something in common with Man-man;
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