In My Hands: Memories Of A Holocaust Rescuer Book Report

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Reading Log #3
In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer by Jennifer Armstrong

Plot Pages (180-263) Irene was risking her life every single day by hiding her friends in the major’s house. Anyone who helped the Jews was a capital crime and would be punished with death. Having Jews hidden in the house was not easy for Irene, but the major demonstrated affection for Irene and followed whatever she said, which made her glad. Later on, Irene met a man named Zygmunt Pasiewski and they created a strong friendship, which made her introduce him as her cousin to the major. While Irene believed luck was with her, she was caught talking to two Jewish women in his kitchen. This created fear for Irene because she did not want her friends to die,
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Helping Jews was a crime, but Irene committed it because they were innocent people who deserved to live. When she was caught, she did not know what the major would do to her and her friends. She thought of others first, which is why she agreed to be his mistress. It was stated in the book that “ tears plinked into the water as I scrubbed myself. This was worse than rape.” (Pg. 215) This demonstrates how she was capable of completing a task just to help others when it was causing her pain. Furthermore, Irene’s wish for many years was to be able to be with her family again. She received news that her father died and her family was in danger because of her. This caused Irene sadness because all she wanted was to help others, but she did not know that her help was bringing danger to her family. Irene mentions, “I could not seek them out without putting them in danger again. I had to give up on my search.” (Pg. 258) Knowing one cannot see their family because of their own actions can create one to become hopeless in life. Her family was the most important thing to her and she did not want any harmful things to happen to them, but she was the one who caused them
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