In No Exit Garcin

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There I was sitting, waiting for what felt like over a decade. I was without a cell phone, magazine, newspaper, or any other item that occupies the mind. I’ve always dreaded waiting at the dermatologist 's office. Trillium Creek has a lot of patients, and they always seem to be running behind on appointments. I looked at my watch, and to my surprise, it read a quarter after four. This can 't be precise it has to be wrong, my watch must be broken. My mind was arguing amongst itself why I should continue waiting. If I leave now, then I’ve wasted all the time I’ve waited so far. It surely wouldn 't take but another five maybe ten minutes at the most to get called back anyways. I decided to wait and sure enough 5 minutes after contemplating…show more content…
In No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre we see Garcin psychologically entrapped. Garcin has trapped himself psychologically in trying to be known as a hero and not a coward. He was killed by a firing squad after being caught fleeing the country in time of war. He soiled himself before being shot, which was a major blow to his psyche. Garcin wanted to be known as a hero, but he failed to show heroism twice in his life. Once when he had the opportunity to fight for his country, and again when he faced death by firing squad. He fled the thought of war and soiled himself while staring death in the face inside a rifle barrel. Now that Garcin is dead he is trapped in hell with two other people. Estelle who is caught up in her own looks, and killed the baby of her lover. Inez is the character that Garcin feels he must prove his heroism too. Inez is not interested in men though, so this causes Garcin to be trapped in a revolving door of proving himself to a lesbian. Garcin is later given a chance to leave, in spite of his heroism, he decides to stay because of the psychological entrapment he faces with proving his heroism to Inez. Garcin’s choice to stay entrapped is a foolish, and nonviable solution. When facing entrapment it is best to leave the situation and continue your ordinary life. Ordinary life to Garcin is proving that he is not a coward, so maybe this was a perfect option for him, but I don 't think it is a psychologically healthy option for anyone, and it can lead to further mental health
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