In-Prison Substance Abuse Case Study Answers

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# 2 solving a basic problem: I presently work as a Supervisor of an In- Prison Substance Abuse program where many of the inmates are meet with having to solve basis ongoing problems. Equipping the inmate with problem solving skills help them to think through situations and plan the steps to take rather than responding exclusively founded on their emotions, feeling or instincts. Incorporating problem solving techniques and practicing problem solving techniques helps the inmate learn to make decisions that are more rational. Implementing problem solving as a step by step process empowers the inmate by increasing self-confidence; identifying the problem, choosing the possible solution through brainstorming options, listing and weighting…show more content…
Also, the unique or truly exceptional must be treated separately and logically. He further states that if the problem is wrongly classified at this stage, then the decision will inevitably go wrong. Basically, know the problem you’re solving. He further, suggests that boundary conditions must be distinctly identified stating what the decision must achieve, what is the smallest amount of goals it has to achieve. Drucker additionally, proposes that a common problem in decision making is not necessarily the incorrect decision, but a situation when the boundary conditions alter while the decision is being applied. He also states that additional logic to having boundary conditions distinctly defined is in when one is making the most risky of all decisions; which is when the conditions are for all intent purposes opposing. Basically, know your range of options that will still count as success. He additionally purposes that testing the effectiveness of the decision against the actual course of events is best. However additionally he further suggest observing the changes is paramount when it comes to validation of the…show more content…
We are presently working as a team to come up with activities for the inmates that are fun and require hands on participation. We are utilized the rational model we have a goal and we selected the activities to purse by using brain storming technique. Upon identify the problem through discussion and input form the mentors it was determined that the lack of participation was cause by; short attention spans, lack of motivation, and the need for alternate learning aid designed to teach and be fun at the same time i.e. a miniature basketball set where the inmates gets to shot the basketball throwing away negative thought, pin the trail on a donkey that is drawn as if he were going to be cut up by the butcher; in each section are therapeutic tools that the inmates use to control anger, make decision etc. and bowling the pins are plastic drinking cups and a small 99cent store ball where when they participate they get a change to bowl. The use of Political Managerial decision making would be utilized by me because I have the power to influence the team decision and how the goals will be met using Motivational interview skills to guide the mentor’s actions and successfully meeting our objectives. This is all inclusive and team
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