In Search Of April Raintree Analysis

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The bond and love between two sisters seem to be everlasting and incomparable. Having each other’s back and company are all that matters and the ever-showing of care and support are beyond sincerity. However, in the novel In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Mosionier, this is not the case between two sisters, Cheryl and April Raintree. Both Cheryl and April are born-Metis residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba who are a victim of their parents’ shortcomings and addictions. As a result, they are taken away from the hands of their parents to live in different foster homes and apart from each other. The distance between them is yet another obstacle from getting their family together and it gives them the motivation and inspiration to love and care for each other more. Though, they start to part ways as they…show more content…
As they approach to lose their innocence, their relationship is bound to break-down due to the deception between them, the status of their family relationship, and the differences in how they perceive the world around them. They begin to traverse and live their lives without the other. Time after time, the connection between them starts to fade as they discover truths which they would hinder from each other.
First of all, the lies and deception between Cheryl and April is a contributing factor for the break-down of their relationship. Especially when the matter is about their parents, April hinders Cheryl from the truth that their parents have an alcohol addiction. “‘I couldn’t do that to Cheryl. I couldn’t tell her that alcohol was more important to our parents than their own daughters’” (Mosionier 120). All her life, Cheryl believes that her parents are sick

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