In Terms Of Rising Action, Climax, And Rising Action, Describe The Structure Of The Structure Of Play

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3. In terms of rising action, climax, and falling action, describe the structure of the plot, stating when the action stops rising and reaches a climax and begins to fall. Rising Action: It started one night when Margo sneaks into Quentin’s room. Since then, Quentin follows Margo on her adventurous mission for revenge of her boyfriend cheating. The two (Quentin and Margo) get closer which makes Quentin to feel like he is going to be close friends with her since that day. However, Margo goes missing the next day, leaving only few clues for Quentin to search for herself. Climax: Quentin with his friends, Ben and Radar, find few clues at Margo’s room when her parents are out. At her room they find Walt Whitman’s book, Leaves of Grass, and find few quotes highlighted. Through the help of quotation clues, Quentin is able to find a location at his house, he call his friends so they can head to the location in search of Margo. There, he finds maps that are connected with holes from the pins. At last, they found out that Margo’s at Algoe, New York a paper town, and heads to Algoe with his friends on a road trip before prom. Falling Action: After driving for a day, continuously, Quentin and his friends arrived at Algoe, New York where Margo is. Unfortunately they didn’t see Margo in that house, Radar said that they should be returning by now, the other agrees. Quentin then give them the key for he will stay and find Margo, then they left. Quentin look for a bus to ride back home
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