In The Bin Film Analysis

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It cannot be denied that our indigenous population has suffered severely since the colonisation of Australia. While the movement towards reconciliation is undoubtedly gaining widespread support, unfortunately many misconceptions are still prevalent and the future of many indigenous Australians is still uncertain. Disadvantage is still experienced by an unacceptable number of the population. Statistically, indigenous people have poorer health, opportunities for education, life expectancy, employment options and the majority live in the remote areas of Australia. As well as this, many still have to deal with negative social attitudes including racism. Indigenous Australian people have had to persevere and overcome challenges, many achieving…show more content…
From the provoking and controversial to the emotional and pleasantly stimulating. The films contain a wide variety genres and themes, all in which are bound to make your eyes and ears pop. However, In the Bin is specifically showcasing the short films from ‘A bit of Black Business’ which specialises in Indigenous short films.
A delightful addition to this year’s showcasing is the valiant and courageous Jackie Jackie. This short film is a bright and colourful film, in which the director Adrian Wills not only exposes the racist traces still occurring in the modern day Australia, but through his stylish outlook on film, assertively explores the discrimination faced by a number of smaller groups every day.
In the early components of the film we meet Mr Chuck, which we very quickly recognise as Jinaali’s impertinent and intolerant authoritative figure, who characterises the racist attitudes evident in the modern society. His callous, ignorant and often highly offensive remarks to Jinaali and his reluctance to even learn her name highlights how uninformed people can be when it comes to their own racial prejudices and how they influence the way they treat others, His blatantly prejudiced actions are quite confronting and I found myself quietly cheering for Jinaali and the rest of the Sunny Fresh customers when he is determinately put in his place at the end of the
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