In The Car During The Accident Analysis

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Who was in the car during the accident? Which friend stayed behind and why? What happened to each of the people in the vehicle?* Describe the friends and their relationships. Robert Washington, Andrew Jackson, B.J. Carson, and Tyrone Mills were in the car (Page 2). Gerald Nickelby stayed behind because his dad is strict and he would get in trouble if he didn’t go straight home. He said, “I got to be gettin’ home. And my old man … you know how he is …” (Page 5). Andy was driving and he made it out of the car with Tyrone’s help. Tyrone was sitting behind Andy and rolled out of the car. B.J. was sitting next to Tyrone in the back. B.J. crawled out of the car. Rob was sitting beside Andy in the front seat with his feet on the dashboard. After…show more content…
He played well and made the game winning three-pointer—is first one all season. At the game, Andy noticed that Rob’s parents were there, but Andy’s parents weren’t. In the conversation with the psychiatrist Andy said that his parents never come to any games, but Rob parents had come to every game. He is offended by his parents not coming to games, but he is afraid to admit it. When talking about his younger brother, he said, “My parents are no help—they don’t even know there is a problem, let alone how to solve it.” Andy wants his parents to be there for him, but doesn’t know how to talk to them because that’s the way it has always…show more content…
In Andy’s poem, he talk about being lost. The last line says, “I don’t think I’m going to last,” (Page 63). I think he is depressed from the accident and needs someone to talk to, but no one is there for him. However, on the complete end, Rhonda is content in the place she is. The last line of her poem says, “I’ve found the place where I belong,” (Page 66). Then, in Keisha’s poem she seems slightly agitated, I’m guessing at Andy. She sees that he clearly has something wrong, but won’t talk to anyone about it. He can’t hold in his feelings forever, and eventually they will come out. She writes, “What’s your problem, little man,” (Page 67). In B.J.’s poem he is calmly trying to find love. His poem is similar to Andy’s, but not as demanding. He is asking God for a woman to love. Then, in Gerald’s poem, he is just simply trying to get the assignment done. He says that he just can’t write. This shows that each of the students’ poems are different in their own way. They range from trying to find a future, to appreciating love, to angrily trying to find the problem, to asking for someone to love, to just trying to complete the
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