In The Color Purple Analysis

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Sofia as a self-confident woman bought progression and change to Celie life, in a sense that she taught her how to fight and to stand up for herself. In the beginning of the novel Celie wasn’t confident in herself, she couldn’t stand up for herself and what she believed in she was simply weak, and this weakness was bought because of what she was going through all the man in her life that were abusing her and treating her like dirt and the fact that she never had a mother figure in her life to protect her and to teach her to be strong independent woman. So when she met Sofia she was jealous about Sofia character and she wanted to be like her she envied her- “…I say it cause I’m jealous of you. I say it cause you do what I can’t” (Walker, 2014,…show more content…
In the novel women stick together, they empower each other and help one other in issues that they go through. Feminism is the main theme of this novel Sofia, Celie and Shug all portray the idea of feminism, standing up as women and being empowered as women. Literature criticism looks at feminism in literature and the color purple is an example of novels that use feminism literature feminism- feminism literature criticism looks at the equal treatment of women in socially, economically and politically in the color purple women are oppressed socially, economically and politically. Characters in the color purple are challenged with the challenged of actually challenging the patriarchal society. Celie was oppressed socially, economically and psychologically, she was a slave to the society she lived, she was abused by her father and husband and everyman that was in her life, even to some point she felt like she was a slave to God that God was just like any other man in her life that just use her and never taker her the end Celie start free and she gains her strength, the pants that makes symbolizes her breaking free from the patriarchal society that she lived in and also her challenged the patriarchal society and its rules. Shug on the other hand represents feminism power she independent, she stands up for herself, she makes her own money and doesn’t rely on anyone and she makes love or in a relationship with both male and female, she represents both the masculine and feminine side. She has an attitude of a male she speaks however she like, she really doesn’t behave like a woman. Her relationship with Albert is what bring them closer- her and Celie. She smokes and drinks which is something that women were not suppose during the society and also she sleeps with married men, which
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