In The Garden Of Men Character Analysis

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This novel starts out in the setting of Prague, Czechoslovakia, in the year 1968. The main character, Mr. Sverak, who was a trusted upon bureaucrat, is somehow involved in a phase of repression that is better described as the Soviet Union invading Czechoslovakia. Despite all that, he is a man that does not look back in life, always moving forward. Mr. Sverak was a man that was never looking for goodness, or anything that may seem good. Later on he is called upon to work as the person that signs off on arrest warrants for people that have publically rebelled against the state. Of course, these he must abide by the rules of the tasks the state gives him, and that causes him to really seem to struggle with his own self- preservation.
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In the novel written by John Kupferschmidt, In the Garden of Men, this battle is more of an internal one rather than one that is visible from the outside. In the novel, we see that the main character, Mr. Sverak, is deep into this dilemma and at the same time does not believe that he is evil, but also does not believe is goodness. During his life he meets all types of people will at different situations that all eventually affect him mentally. Mr. Sverak is a highly educated man who held a government position that made him influential, who was mentally divided between the thoughts of how many flaws existed in our existence, and overall goodness (Kupferschmidt, 2008, pg. 4). In the beginning, Mr. Sverak does what is required of him while he is at work. His job was to after receiving a list of names, he would file and sign off in the warrants and ultimately be handing out people’s fate. Given that he does not believe is goodness, he imagines that every person he writes a warrant for is a spirit such as Petr or Zdena, who are, as the author describes them, a spirit that influences the young and the elderly with the troublesome ideologies of principle, virtue and goodness (Kupfershcmidt, 2008, p. 24). As time goes by, he is introduced to different people who help him realize what his actions were causing, that being part of the Party and following their every order may not be the right…show more content…
The main character, Mr. Sverak, did not even want to hear about “goodness”. He started out as someone who did basically did not have any emotions, but still throughout all that, sought the company of Anezka, even if they were paid visits. Although he was not a man to feel emotion, he spent a solid two years becoming more attracted to her, and develop feelings. He never showed his emotion to her, and was embarrassed to do so, but his circumstances at work cause him to be completely overcome with emotion, he breaks down while she is with him and starts crying. This act that he deemed embarrassing has showed her that he is comfortable with her, and that he trusts her. He is branded a ‘good man’ when he rescues Anezka from a highly abuse client (Kupferschmidt, 2008, p. 65). This is yet another instance where his life is altered for the better as he is ecstatic that she feels this way about him, but that feeling is tampered with when he remembers all the lives that he has affected negatively by signing all those warrants. He ends up letting in these feelings of love and is determined to help those innocent people instead of ruin their
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