In The Groundwork For The Metaphysic Of Morals

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In our lives we have the choice to tell the truth or tell a lie. Sometimes the truth can hurt people and sometimes a lie can make people feel better. I saw an example of a lie that made someone feel better. I read a news article a few days ago about a toddler was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The father of the little girl vowed to give her the wedding of her dreams one day. He made this promise prior to receiving the news about his child’s condition. She was his only daughter and he made a vow to give is first daughter the wedding of her dreams. After numerous doctors’ visits the parents received the news that their baby girl only had a few days to live. In haste, the father threw is daughter a wedding of her dreams. Her older brother walked her down the aisle to her father. The entire family was there and all of them were crying uncontrollably, so much so that they couldn’t finish the ceremony. The lie here was giving the daughter a dream wedding and not treating her like a terminally ill patient.…show more content…
This theory suggests that the human will is always looking for an outside source to the universal law. What tells me that this is right? Who said that this was right? It searches for the right thing as dependent on what others are saying what is right. This relation, whether it rests on preference or on conceptions of reason, admits of only hypothetical imperatives: I should do x because I want y. (Kant, 2008, pg37) this statement to me says an external law tells a person how they should act, and by doing so they will get the desired result from it. This theory of Kant I do agree
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