In The Heart Of The Sea Summary

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In the Heart of the Sea, is a book where in every chapter the reader has the opportunity to learn more about the writer’s writing style, and chapter seven is not an exception. Here, Philbrick continues showing how is this whaling culture he has shown through the whole story and now he wants to let something clear and it is that for him, details really matter when it comes to writing a story.
Using parenthesis is another resource Philbrick uses in this book to avoid monotony and get the reader’s attention. Even though, some people think using this kind of resourses to clarify points or give more details, is not the best way to captivate the reader’s mind, every writer know his or her own style and they always have a purpose while using them. In this case, Philbrick has demonstrated that every fact is important to understand the story and considering that whailing culture is sometimes a difficult topic to understand, he finds some gramar resources as a tool that will help him to develop his plot during all the reading.
Regarding this point, sometimes it could be difficult for some writers to find a balance while giving details in a writing. Some people may find boring to read too much details while reading, probably because it is
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For instance, in page 106, Philbrick wrote: “But even if there were double that number, odds were por that three whaleboats sailing along a straight line through the Ground (which might take only four or five days to cross) would be spotted by a ship.” (Philbrick 106). This is a clear example where the autor is trying to show the importance of giving details, and even when sometimes they are not necessary, Philbrick represent through this grammar resource that without an specific explanation of his writing, the reader would find difficult to understand the context where he is trying to locate
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