In The Kite Runner How Does Jealousy Affect Others

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When an individual's choices and may be driven by jealousy, betrayal, and redemption, this may influence the direction of their life by affecting their relationship with themselves and others. Having significant relationships with people is important, friendships help people build strong connections, but when jealousy takes over it can cause destruction, and disturbances in an individual’s life. Jealousy has the ability to lead a person on a path of destruction, resulting in them resenting the person they once cared for. The power that jealousy holds over people is astonishing such as in the Kite runner. When Amir was young he spent his childhood envious of the attention Hassan would receive from his father, which resulted in him treating Hassan less than a friend. This jealousy contaminated his thoughts and contrived him to act out in ways that were shameful to Hassan from belittling him, playing cruel jokes and using him to get out of trouble. Unfortunately, his jealousy continued to grow it got to the point he made a decision he could not come back from. Not only can jealousy affect others, it can affect yourself, such as in On the Rainy River, Tim O’brien was envious of those who chose whether or not to go war and made the decision to leave home and everything behind to move to Canada, where he would have the choice, by making this…show more content…
Such as in the book The Kite Runner and the short story On a rainy river lives were effected by jealousy. In life jealousy will always play a part. The reactions a person has will affect all those around them; some may make the mistake of betrayal and in some way will have to redeem themselves. Though a person may never have the chance to better the mistakes they made in their life there are always others ways to do right by that person that they
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