In The Lion King Simba Character Analysis

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During this process called socialization that lasts during our whole lives we learn all the customs, norms, values and beliefs from people surrounding us, so that we can be part of society and take all the benefits of having a large net of people to help us succeed. My family was the first social group I was part of they were the ones who taught me how to behave in society, the informal and formal sanctions in society. As I grew up I became part of more social groups, which enhanced the teachings of my parents and continued the social construction of reality started by my parents. As one becomes older social control becomes more obvious, it is most notorious at school because they are rewarded for good behavior and sanctioned otherwise. Furthermore,…show more content…
Later on, Mufasa which is Simba’s father teaches him how to behave like a king, spiritual beliefs and values by symbolic interactionism. Within Simba’s family his uncle Scar wants to be king and take Mufasa’s place, Scar is an innovator because he wants to be king as many others but does not have the means to become one so he arranges a situation where Simba is in danger by an stampede of animals, Scar is the divide et impera and he takes advantage of Mufasa’s love for Simba then therefore putting Mufasa vulnerable and killing him, making Scar the tertius gaudens. Moreover, Scar is allied to hyenas who are with him because of fear and interest who are an example of a secondary group because at the end they betray him. In contrast, Simba is rescued by Timon and Pumbaa who provide food for him and emotional support and become his long lasting friends, and at the end help him recover the throne of the savanna, making them his primary group even though they are not family or even members of the same race. Furthermore, Simba has to readapt his eating habits and behaviors, his social integration lies upon whether his tension between two role strains as carnivore and herbivore as role conflict are resolved, but at the end he adapts to eat bugs because of the pressure of his friends or isomorphism. At the end Simba faces Scar and retakes his place as king, the lions are happy because Scar
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