The Mood For Love Analysis

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4. Cop 663 and Faye meet (Chungking Express, 1994) Cop 663 enters the shop where Faye is working and asks for a chef salad. She prepares it while dancing to "California Dreaming" by The Mamas and the Papas. The event occurs at night and Wong Kar-wai presents it through the perspective of Faye, who watches Cop 663 approach. She dances to the song and appears somewhat disinterested. However, the narration has already informed the spectator that she will be in love with her customer, giving the scene a whole other meaning, as she states that she likes loud music because it prevents her from thinking. The use of the particular song symbolizes the westernization Hong Kong experienced through the decades with the protagonists having grown with western…show more content…
Wong took advantage of her prowess with many zoom-ins on her face 1. Su Li-zhen and Chow Mo-wan decide to part ways. (In The Mood For Love, 2000) The two of them wait for the rain to pass together, since Su Li-zhen does not want to take Chow Mo-wan 's umbrella, fearing that the neighbors will reaize that they were together. When the rain stops, she asks him to part ways, since her husband has returned. He agrees. Both the cinematographers, Christopher Doyle and Mark Lee Ping-bin present shots that appear as if the camera is peeking on the action while it frequently moves in slow motion. This tactic finds its apogee in this scene, as the protagonists are being watched initially from behind a corner and then from a barred window. Furthermore, when he touches her hands his move is presented in slow motion In another cinematic tactic the scene is not presented in chronological order, with the most important moments inserted randomly in the timeline, as is the case with Li-zhen 's crying and her
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