In The Mural, Going To The Olympics By Frank Romero

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In the mural,"Going to the Olympics" the painter Frank Romero portrays a wide variety of colors in his painting.The first thing I saw in the painting were most obviously the cars passing by with big hearts over them.This means that the drivers loved their cars maybe and loved to drive around Los Angeles.You can also see palm trees and the ocean behind the cars signifying that they're somewhere around Los Angeles where there is water.As we look up at the sky we can see an iron for some reason, a GoodYear Blimp which is quite common in the city of Los Angeles, a horse, and two men wrestling in the sky.The two men fighting could resemble the coliseum we have in Los Angeles and the horse could represent the origin of the car before there were cars to begin with.The iron seems to be like a spaceship over the sky, and there's also the stamp of Los Angeles on the top right side of the mural. Frank Romero's opinion on cars is that people love their driving around in their cars.Based off the image we can…show more content…
"There are historical preservation acts for architecture and perhaps for some murals, but also on the other hand, maybe it's lived its life and something else should take its place." This quote was from the freeway company and it's just crazy that the freeway would throw away such art like that and rather not restore
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