In The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander Analysis

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Moreover, the aftermath of incarceration for convicted African-American felons entails that they are unable to vote. The constitution implements this idea that anybody can vote regardless of race or gender, but criminals are unable to vote. Criminals occupy the lower caste in society meaning that nobody wants to be like them ,stereotypes are associated with them, and nobody wants to advocate for them or their rights. Michelle Alexander explicitly describes the ongoing oppression by stating that “ Like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and great great-grandfather, he has been denied the right to participate in our electoral democracy” ( Alexander). Alexander is talking about the black man when she says “he” because majority of the…show more content…
Stop and Frisk is a practice used by police officers as it gives them the power to stop,question,and frisk suspects given reasonable circumstances. In the New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander says “ In ‘colorblind’ America criminals are the new whipping boys. They are entitled to no respect and little moral concern” (Alexander). There is no such thing as color blindness. When you first look at me what do you see? When I look at someone I see the shape of their nose, the color of their eyes, the length of the hair, but above all I see the color of their skin so considering that How is it possible to be color blind? Stop and Frisk is the opposite of color blindness because in order for an officer takes the color of the suspects skin into consideration to decide to stop and frisk them. The color of someones skin is apart of the reasonable circumstances that the officer is allowed to stop you on and it is absolutely an invasion of one 's privacy. The system claims to be colorblind,but if you have to assure people that the system is colorblind then the system was never colorblind. According to Prison Policy, there are 237,000 people arrested for drugs in state prisons and 94,600 people in federal prisons. The people incarcerated for drug abuse are mainly Black or other minorities. The system can not be color blind when a specific group is incarcerated at higher rates than another. According to “ The Drug War as Race War,” Kenneth B. Nunn shares a fact from the Mental Health department saying that “ 76% are White drug users, 14% are Black, and 8% are Hispanic” ( Nunn). The incarceration rates should be higher for Whites given the fact that they have a higher drug usage reported. In all reality, it would not make sense to lock up any group at a significantly greater rate compared
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