The Pearl Song Analysis

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Marshaila Tyler 1/12/18 English 9 The pearl This book has morals of what happens when money is all that’s on your mind from the famous quote (money is the fruit of all evil). This topic is about the book songs and how they relate to other songs." In the pearl," Steinback uses six songs to show themes and emotions during certain situations in the Book and these six songs from the real world connect directly to the songs of "the pearl. “The song of the enemy is a very old song that passed down through his family and his culture. Kino hears the song when his world is out of balance. The song of the enemy is symbolic to the negative thought Kino has in his head, while in frightening situations. The song becomes…show more content…
Kino hears this in the beginning. Kino hears this song when his wife is cooking biscuits early on the morning for him and her. The song we are family by Sister Sledge this connect with the song of the family. The one verse that say we are family connects with the song because they are family and there connected there’s a bond. The song pearl in the begging is a new song. He hears this when he gets the pearl out of the clam he sees it and thinks that its so pretty and thinks of so many things he can do with it. Carmen Twillie, Lebo M. - The Lion King –Circle of Life connects with this part of the book because it's like a new life for him when he sees his life in the pearl. He sees in the pearl that his son will go to school and be smart and when he comes home his son will teach him and his wife because they never went to school. The song of the pearl is also another new song. (The pearl was ugly and gray) when Kino heard the music of the pearl he still did the thing that he knows he probably shouldn’t do (P.89). Juana says to Kino that the pearl is evil, and he didn't even listen to her until his son died. Evil Horror Scary Sound Effects by Brand Name Audio fits with the last song because the pearl was evil, and this audio is supposed to be evil. It went too good to great then bad then death. I the begging there was the song of enemy that only comes when Kino hears the song when
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