Metaphors In Minerva Jones

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In the poem "Minerva Jones", written by Edgar Lee Masters, what you learn about this individual in the epitaphs is that minerva jones dies because of the pressure she felt that everyone in the little town was judging her for a fault that she didn't do. The people this person speaks about is a man named Butch Weldy and some people in the village. The relationship and interaction that is evident in this poem is that many people in the village judge her by her looks, and when they interact with her it in a mean way . In the text it says," Hooted at, jeered at by the Yahoos of the street for my heavy body, cock eye, and rolling walk." This quote tells you that the people in the town made fun of her, hooting and jeering at her ugly looks and unwomanly walk. The interaction that she gets is from a man butch who that "captures" her, that words implies that he raped her. In the text it say, "Captured me after a brutal hunt." This quote tells you that one of the townsfolk raped her, a tragic memory that no one cared for the fact that she was raped. The people thought the worst of her without knowing the situation or what really happened to her. After her death it only affected those who loved her like her…show more content…
He was a successful attorney he says that he played the people like a "puppet master ". It says, "And the upper courts to beat the claim of the crippled the window and orphan And made a fortune." This shows you that he was good at his job and that he made lots of money after winning his case. The poet refers to John as a mean person " but the rats devoured my hearts And a snake made a nest in my skull." This is saying that his work may of caused him to be that way also his greed. His morals that he lived by weren't very good you can tell that he was a man that didn't care as much about
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