In The Time Of The Butterflies Chapter Summary

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In the Time of the Butterflies is a book about 4 sisters, Patria, Dedé, Minerva, and María Teresa. The book is about the three girls growing up and their experiences during the time of the underground movement to overthrow Trujillo. The book was written in memory of Dedé’s 3 sisters who had been ambushed and murdered, which we are aware of since the beginning of the novel. The beginning chapter of the book is describing Dedé as she waits for a woman who is going to interview her about her three sisters, she then goes into a flashback she has of her family talking at the dinner table and her father mentions someone named Trujillo, which then gives a hint at who this book might be formed around. Through the book, we read stories about times in the girls’ lives when they were going to school at Inmaculada Concepcion and being at home and falling in love, as well as there run ins with Trujillo himself. As we read stories from the sisters we can imagine how life would have been like during that time, as well as getting connected with the sisters. As we read In the Time of the Butterflies, we notice that the…show more content…
These chapters are the ones in the point of view of Minerva and Patria. We know it is written in first person because it uses the word “I said” rather that “Minerva said”. Both of these characters are strong willed individuals and I think it shows throughout the book. Having these sisters’ stories in first person point of view really helps with being able to see how they viewed life and what was occurring around them. Having them telling their own stories helps us to connect better with them and come to love them even more. It almost helps to forget the fact that they die in the end. Minerva is one of the more stubborn sisters and I think by her stories we can tell she was the daughter who was the most strong willed. Patria on the other hand was strong but also cautious and more
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