How Did Patria's Courage Change In In The Time Of The Butterflies Courage

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In the Time of the Butterflies Courage In this essay I will be talking about how Dede’s, Patria’s, Maria’s courage changes throughout the book, what events caused it, what courage means to them, and how they show courage in the book. First we will focus on Patria’s courage. Some of the events that help Patria develop courage is that she realizes that she’s not living free. She figures out that her family and her friends are being lied to that Trujillo is a good guy. But in reality he is a very bad man. Also throughout the book Patria values her religion a lot and she completely submerges herself into following her religion at the beginning of the book. But as the revolution progresses, she starts doubting her religious values and her interpretation …show more content…

That is sort of the case with all the sister but anyways. At first Dede wanted to give up on life, but then notices how much her family needs her support. She realizes the fact that is she abandons them, they will then be destroyed by the SIM. She breaks up with her Husband which at that day in age that wasn’t normal if you were married to someone you stayed married to that person. On page 198 there is textual evidence of her courage here is the quote, “She felt a… What it meant.” I shortened it because I am too lazy. Maria Teresa shows her courage by helping her sister and other revolutionaries by giving the OAS committee a note with the things that have been happening at their prison even though she can get killed for it. In the quote, you can see that her courage has given her the courage to arrogant about how harshly the government might treat them if they found out about the note. I could only find one example from the book and I forget the page number but here is a quote. “I unwound that… the prison guards.”
And that is how each of the sister’s courage grew, manifested and helped them throughout their life. Except for

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