In The Time Of The Butterflies Family Sacrifice Essay

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To most people, family values mean everything. Taking care of one another, loving one another, protecting one another; all things a family would do for one another. But there may come a time in everyone’s life where they would have to make a sacrifice or even sacrifice themselves for the ones they love. In the book In The Time of The Butterflies, the oldest sister in the Mirabal family, Patria, offers to sacrifice herself for her entire family. Patria’s sacrifice for her family proves that she is loyal and loving towards them, which shows her family values. “Hear my cry, Jefe. Release my sisters and their husbands and mine. But most especially, I beg you, oh Jefe, give me back my son. Take me instead, I’ll be your sacrificial lamb” (Alvarez…show more content…
She would give away her clothes, her toys, her food, anything. These attributes come along with anyone who is naturally loving and giving towards other people. As can be seen, especially from the sacrifice she chooses to make, Patria is loving and giving towards others. Had she not have been born this way, her family would have most likely been killed, leaving her alone. It also takes bravery to make such a decision, giving yourself up to an oppressive ruler so that your family could live. The sacrifice that is made by Patria also helps the reader better understand the meaning of the work. The novel written by Julia Alvarez has many different themes and the characters within have different attributes and values. This is so that it is easier for the reader to understand what is going on in the work. One of the values given to Patria is family values. She truly would give herself up to Trujillo for her family in exchange. The only reason the sacrifice did not come through was because Patria was praying to the portrait of Trujillo in the quote provided above. Anyone, and I mean anyone, that would throw the future of their life away for their family to live, definitely loves them with all their
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