In The Time Of The Butterflies Feminist Analysis

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In society many find that males hold dominance and make all of the major choices. This is just a stereotype that many people seem to believe. There are many stereotypes for a variety of concepts but that does not mean they are true. There are few females that stand up against sexist stereotypes, but for the few people who have spoken out against them literature has been an effective way of getting their message out. Feminism has impacted literature in several ways; it allows people to share their messages about stereotypes. In the book In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez there are many times when feminism is present, along with the many stereotypes found in the Dominican culture. Julia Alvarez had many elements within her writing, when she developed a character she made it so…show more content…
For many Dominicans they did not do much to go against their country. There were many things that fit the typical Dominican way of life, like how men held all power and were not challenged by women (Vega 1). People were used to having men in high powered positions and there were not many occasions where women wanted to hold that same power. Many women missed opportunities because they lacked an education. Normally men got a better education than women did so they were more qualified for these higher positions. Men were known to hold higher positions than women and they did not like to be threatened by powerful women. Most Dominican people were into their religion as well. Dede Mirabal fit this stereotype in many ways. Dede was very religious and she did not do anything that could hurt her country even if she did not agree with everything in it. She fit the typical citizen because while her sisters were out planning to rebel she stayed back and took care of the children. The Dominican stereotypes come into play in shaping the Dominican culture. Dominican culture is demonstrated many times throughout the
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