In The Time Of The Butterflies Literary Analysis

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When reading a novel, readers do not often realize that many authors use the same types of characters and symbols. Applying a literary lens to a novels can help readers better understand why a novel was written. A literary theory is, “A term for analyzing, classifying, defining, interpreting, and evaluating literature” (Davidson). When observing a piece of literature with an Archetypal lens analysts can identify these patterns. According to Literary Devices, “In literature, an archetype is a typical character, an action, or a situation that seems to represent universal patterns of human nature” (literarydevices). In the novel In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, the Archetypal Theory can be applied to characters and symbols in the…show more content…
A heroine is “a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities” ( Minerva was the first sister to get involved in the revolution, which made her a leader. She is willing to fight with everything she has,even if it brings danger itto her life. Mate is a sister that admired Minerva a lot. When Mate finds out that Minerva is sneaking out to secret meeting she asks her why she would do that. Mate writes in her diary that Minerva’s response was, “She wanted me to grow up in a free country” (Alvarez 39). Minerva is noble because she fights for others freedom. She is also one of the sisters that most people look up to because of her courage. She encourages others to join her and makes her sisters a big part of the revolution. In the article “Remembering the butterflies” it stated that, “Minerva Mirabal, the Dominican Republic 's first female law graduate, criticized Trujillo 's brutal regime for reigning by terror, violence and economic oppression” (Hanrahan). Minerva was the first female law graduate; this shows her outstanding achievement as a heroine. She was an important educated woman who was not afraid to go against what Trujillo made everyone do. Minerva stated that, “[she’d] sooner jump out that window than be forced to do something against [her] honor” (Alvarez 111). She was a brave woman who inspired many. She was willing to…show more content…
A butterfly can be seen as a delicate insect. A caterpillar changes into a butterfly, making a beautiful and different change. The code name for the Mirabal sisters was las mariposas. After their death, Dede had pictures hung up on the wall. She said, “Those photos had become icons… Bring back the butterflies!” (Alvarez 310). Everyone looked up to these womens who died to change their country. They started out as young educated girls that lived in a rule following home, and they changed into strong and brave women who made a change in the revolution. Minerva was the first butterfly, but her personality does not show much delicacy. An Australian refuge used butterflies as a symbol of strong women who had been affected by domestic violence. In the article it stated that, “The butterfly, a symbol of growth and change” ("Butterflies"). It also stated that, “Each butterfly … represents a woman or child who has lived at Carrie 's Place in a bid to escape domestic violence” ("Butterflies"). The Mirabal sisters were against the violence of men, especially Trujillo. They were ready to grow as women and make a change. Alvarez stated in the book that, “Obviously, these sisters, who fought one tyrant, have served as models for women fighting against injustices of all kinds” (Alvarez 324). The Mirabal sisters suffered for fighting against injustices, this is something that made them butterflies.
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