In The Uses Of Anger By Audre Lorde

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In the 1980’s black women are faced with a lot pressure in society, Because women of color are both women and racial minorities, they face more pressure in which lower economic opportunities due to their race and their gender. This pressure is reflected both in the jobs available to them and in their lower pay. Also because they are women of color they are likely to be the giver of the house and also within the families. Through the use of anecdotes,rhetorical questions, anaphora, ethos and metaphors, "In The Uses of Anger: Women Responding to Racism, Audre Lorde argues that women of color need to respond to racism with anger spurred from their fear and that not a bad thing depends on how anger is portrayed.

First though the use of anecdotes and rhetorical questions to show how the white people are always the ones who benefit from anything. First, Lorde uses a rhetorical question and asked, "But is it my manner that sustains her from hearing, or the threat of a message that her life may change?"(1) Furthermore, this shows that the white people are not really concerned with the other people but instead about their own life and benefits being affected in which shows that they are nonchalant about the problems about that other women of color have to face. In addition, Lorde also uses an anecdote when she states that a white woman once advised her that, " '... I consider Black women really recognize me a lot better now; they have a more understanding me a lot better of
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