In Trish Roberts-Miller's 'Characteristics Of Demagoguery'

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Making America Great Again? Adolf hitler, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, all managed to arouse massive crowds and implement ideas that allowed for a genocide, a socialist movement and the first communist state in the western hemisphere. Hitler, Castro and Chavez characterize themselves for being charismatic speakers and successfully persuading crowds to stand up for what in their eyes is right. These individuals are considered to be demagogues. In Trish Roberts-Miller article “Characteristics of Demagoguery” she describes this term as a strategy to polarize and blame out-groups for the ineffectiveness of solutions to the country 's problems. Demagoguery is fear based, it calls for quick actions and attacks. Demagogues use certain strategies…show more content…
Trump exhibits Roberts-Miller’s oversimplification when he portrays his criticism towards muslims. Roberts-Miller describes oversimplification to be a subjective point of view. Simplification is most effective where there is complex issues like globalization and immigration. An idea that all complex problems have simple solutions. Trump is famously known to have an answer and a solution for everything and everyone. Trump proposed a plan to put cameras on mosques. He states, “Our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad” (“The Rhetorical Brilliance of Trump the Demagogue”). Trump claims that his simple solution to keep an eye on muslims will stop the spread of radical terrorism. He implements the idea that muslims are not worthy of being called a “who” instead he calls them a “that” implying they are not humans. Many think Trumps plan is outrageous and invades privacy but most importantly, violates the first amendment of the constitution. Trump states, “I want surveillance of these people, I want surveillance if we have to and I don 't care” (“Trump: Islam Hates Us”). When Trump uses the statement “I don 't care”, it shows how thoughtless he is towards the moral beliefs of Muslims. Demagoguery calls for Trump’s solutions to be the only right ones, because he thinks of himself as the only capable of making America great again. Trumps uses simplification in order resolve radical terrorism by temporarily banning muslims and keeping surveillance
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