In Whirligig Analysis

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Brent made a bad decision one night and began to drunk drive with suicidal thoughts. He got into a car crash hoping to kill himself but instead killed a girl named Lea. When Brent's actions (car crash) affected ones family he had to pay a restitution. Brent had a meeting with Lea’s mother and she decided on the restitution for Brent to go to the four corners of the USA and put a whirligig up. With his new journey Brent starts new because the people he comes in contact with, don't know his backstory. It’s a fresh start for him to realize he made a mistake and it's over with.
Brent deciding to remain traveling is another example in Whirligig, of making the wrong decision by trying to have a fresh start. Brent started his restitution with Greyhound bus pass, good for 45 days to get him around to the four corners of the United States to put his whirligigs up. Once Brent finished his restitution he had decided to use the bus pass days left to continue traveling. “He had another three weeks left. He wouldn’t mind
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One of those story is about street sweeper from Miami, Florida who also went through running away and realizing the correct thing to do. The street sweeper, Flaco, had lots of hectic things going on at home with a new baby, lots of family members coming in to live with him, and being fired. So he decided he needed to get away, a road trip was his best option to clear his head. On Flaco’s way he heard about shearwater birds and about how the shearwater birds lived on water. Flaco interpreted it that the birds lived alone, peacefully. He drove to the nearest pier and found a boat to take him out on the water to see the shearwaters. Once he finally sees the birds, he realized that Shearwaters can't live alone because when he saw the birds, they were making noise and the birds were in a flock. He realized he needs to be with his
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