In Your Own Words: Explain The Health And Wellness Continuum

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1. In your own words, explain the health and wellness continuum discussed in lecture and in the video. The health and wellness continuum is an ever-lasting balance we need to have in our total health to keep us feeling good. It is made up of our 7 dimensions of health including: physical, spiritual, and environment, intellectual, emotional, social and occupational health. It is through following the continuum that we can keep functioning and stay sane. 2. Explain how the dimensions interact to contribute to our overall health and quality of life. The health and wellness continuum shows how intertwined our dimensions of health are. If one part of a strand is affected then it can lead to other strands being affected. The most important part is the process of getting from point A, being unwell, to point B, being well. This shows the definition of health as a holistic wellness because you cannot reach point B for some strands but not all. Activity 2a-2f: 3. In your own words, name and explain 2 specific components of your physical health. Why is physical health important to you? Two components of my physical health are a healthy diet and exercise. These both fall into the growth and development part of my physical health. These are very important to me because if I don’t eat well or exercise that’s when I do not feel well. I am not functioning properly and cannot strive to be my best in other areas. My physical health is highly important for me because I do not want to
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