Their Eyes Were Watching God Character Analysis

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An Epic on Jaine’s Silence And her Expolaration of INNER-SELF Introduction In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston a young lady named Janie starts her life obscure to herself. She searches for the horizon as it illustrates the distance one must travel in order to distinguish between illusion and reality, dream and truth, role and self (Hemenway 75). She is unconscious of life’s two most valuable endowments: adore and reality. Janie is raised by her suppressive grandma who reduces her perspective of life. Janie’s mission for genuine character rises up out of her ways in life and ultimately closes when her psyche is liberated from mixed up reality. Their Eyes Were Watching God, is a book considered exceptionally…show more content…
Instead of "Janie Starks," she is called "Mrs. Mayor" ("Their Eyes were Watching God" 56). In spite of the fact that Joe is himself a black man, he rather displays the attributes of a white man; every other person in the public arena is underneath him, particularly Janie. At the point when in his nearness, Janie compartmentalizes herself to better suit Joe's desires of her. She is compelled to wear her long hair in a head-cloth, on the grounds that Joe reveals to her that it isn't "sensible" to give it a chance to hang free, when truly he is envious of the way other individuals respect it ("Their Eyes Were Watching God" 66). Janie's hair turns into an image of her womanhood and indviduality ; it's what makes her “stand out as independent and powerful” (Dilbeck 103). Her hair is a prominent discussion point, as showed by Janie's arrival to Eatonville toward the start of the novel; the townsfolk discuss “the great rope of black hair swinging to her waist and unraveling in the wind like a plume” (“Their Eyes were Watching God”4).Janie encounters a disparity between her open self and the lady blooming inside her. There is the lighthearted, free Janie who disappoints her hair, however there is likewise the Janie who ties her hair back in accommodation of her
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