Inaccuracy In The Iron Lady

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Margaret Thatcher was Britain’s first female Prime Minister who had served from 1979 to 1990. (The Iron Lady) The Iron Lady starring Meryl Streep, depicts Thatcher’s late-life struggle with dementia, as she remembers her early life and her political career. From the movie we can tell that she was a very strong and powerful woman who was devoted to her career. In her late eighties she feels regret since she had mainly focused on her political career and did not really care about her family. She had made several decisions that effected Britain’s image worldwide. For example she successfully protected the Falkland Islands against Argentina in 1982. Even though the movie demonstrates many historical events, parts of the movie were historically inaccurate. The first inaccuracy occurs at the beginning of the movie. The elderly Margaret Thatcher goes by herself to buy milk in a small store. We can see that no one notices her, neither on the streets, neither in the store. In reality, this would have been impossible. Thatcher, as all former and recent Prime Ministers, “had extensive security and the arrangements for Thatcher in particular mean the idea of her being jostled by randoms.” (Wimpress) However, in the movie, she does not have any security guards around her, and no one realizes who she actually is. Furthermore, inaccuracy occurs in the movie when it is shown that Margaret Thatcher is the only female member in the Parliament. In fact, when she was elected as the Prime

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