Inaccurate Animal Testing

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Animal experimentation is also ineffective method. The main reason why they are inaccurate is because of the huge differences between humans and animals. Many times animals have been tested on a drug and the drug was considered not harmful. But, was then later tested on a human and the human died. Animal testing is just killing animals for no reason because there will always be the first human to test a new drug or cosmetic. So, using animals is really useless because just because a drug is safe for an animal does not mean it will necessarily be accurate and safe for humans. PISC scientist Gilly Stoddard says “it is unconscionable that animals are dying as a result of the failure to update testing guidelines.” (O’Driscoll 8) Animals should not be dying because humans are using them for inaccurate tests.…show more content…
Although an essential part of conducting an experiment is to only have one variable able to change. However, many times in animal experimentation the environment is not accounted for, Therefore, leading to inaccurate results. One factor found that often affects the environment is if the animal is undergoing stress. According to the New England Anti-Vivisection society, “stress, routinely experienced by animals in labs, negatively influences the reliability of animal research data. Stress influences heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, muscular activity, and hormone levels and can modify the normal values of these variables significantly” (Hunnicutt) Having an animals in these condition can throw test results way
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