Inarritu's Auteur Theory

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I was asked to watch three of his films for writing this essay. But I could not stop myself from watching some of his other films because I got carried away by how he portrays life and reality of it. I started seeing normal human beings in his films, I started seeing myself there. After watching 5 of his movies back to back, I could come up with the statement that Inarritu is not locked into a mold. His films portray fear, human suffering and stereotypes. Viewers can easily relate to themselves. He does not have a specific style, and that is his style of work. He sees life through other people’s eyes and that is his style of work, and that is auteur theory. Viewing films from the auteur perspective creates a new paradigm to evaluate cinema, and ultimately creates a new means by which to place films in a historical and creative context. Another very conscious function of the theory is the emphasis on a director 's body of work as a whole, rather than individual films. The topics of analysis derived from this objective will cover the use of narrative structure, sound and silence, filming techniques and characterization themes that challenge the audience illustrating tragedy, changes and terror of the characters. Themes include reactions to consequences or fate and fear through sickness, injury, or loss, universal to all humans. Inarritu presents these themes with clarity of realism that result in empathy. This study aims to prove that an Inarritu’s films create an emotional

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