Inca Achievements

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The Mayans had astronomy and calendars, and the Aztecs had a written language, but what did the Incas have? While the Incas aren’t talked about as much as the Mayans and Aztecs are, they also had plenty of achievements and influence. They did far more than many people recognize, and hopefully, this paper will help convince you that the Incas were just as important as any other Meso-American cultures. First of all, let’s go through some of the general achievements of the Incas. They had a successful central planning economy that benefitted both the government and the people, and they made smart agricultural decisions, such as growing excess food to store in case of emergency. Also, despite being made for religious and ritualistic purposes,…show more content…
Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove,” which released in December of 2000, takes place in the Incan Empire and revolves around young emperor Kuzco, whose name is not coincidentally very similar to that of the Incan capital city Cuzco. This film, while one of Disney’s less successful films in terms of revenue, is a cult classic among fans that still has a great following nearly 17 years later. It has also, at the very least, given people a basic understanding of the Incan culture and all of its intrigue. With that, it is time for a few final thoughts. By now the Incas achievements should be very clear, from economic success, medical advancements, and an accounting system, to a multitude of engineering feats. Also, while this was only briefly discussed near the end of the paper, the Incas left us with more than we may realize, including agricultural techniques, medicines, ways to get from one place to another, and inspiration for entertainment. After taking everything into consideration, it’s easy to say that the Incas don’t get as much credit as they deserve for all of the amazing things they created and passed down to
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