Inca And Aztec Comparison Essay

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The Inca and the Aztecs are two famous civilizations. These civilizations rose to power in the early 1300s and 1400s. The Inca and the Aztec are very similar in culture, but they are also very different by their geography and physical manpower. These peoples are very much known for their colorful culture and their dramatic end. People always want to hear about their interesting gods and their colorful culture. It is surprising how isolated, but, intelligent the Inca and Aztecs were. Inca and Aztecs believe that the sun god is the most powerful of the gods. They will often give sacrifices and pray to this god. Another similarity is they both used human sacrifice. They would sacrifice prisoners of war or criminals to please the gods and to make sure that another year of fertile land and water would come. Another major similarity is their politics. They both had a single…show more content…
A major difference was the Aztecs rose to power earlier than the Incas. They came to power in about 1325 by founding their capital Tenochtitlán. The Inca had come to power in about 1438. Even though the Incas had come to power a lot later than the Aztecs, they were by far more advanced. A major advancement was their running system. They had runners that would run all over the empire delivering messages, and news. The Aztecs may not have had this, but they had a written languages and number system. The Inca had neither written language or a number system. Instead, they used a quipu. A quipu is a collection of colored strings that is believed to represent numbers. Another, intelligent advancements of the Inca are their knowledge of the human body. They could conduct human brain surgery and have a 90% survival rate. The Incas learned how to sterilize rooms and repair damaged head bones or brain damage. This specific brain procedure was called trepanation. This was the removal, of bone from severe head
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