Inca And Aztecs Comparison Essay

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The Incas and Aztecs were the two most powerful civilizations of Mesoamerica pre-colonial. As soon Europeans who come after them, the Incas and the Aztecs were a warrior people who conquered and control of Mesoamerican general population. Also like Europeans, the Incas and Aztecs were innovative in commerce, government administration, and military strategy. To truly understand the Incas and Aztecs as they existed at the time of early European conquest, should compare and contrast five important aspects of both empires. The Aztecs incans interactions and Europeans are strongly linked to political, social structure and religion, methods of warfare of both societies and culture. By observing these five aspects, we can understand not only how these societies interacted with Europeans, but also the ways in which the Incas and the Aztecs were uniquely different from each other, playing a similar, but not identical roles in the European colonization of Mesoamerica.
With regard to the social structure, Eurocentrism is the belief that Europeans are superior in Western world culture and
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His expedition of 180 men landed on the Pacific coast of South America in 1530. Taking advantage of a smallpox epidemic and a civil war started by the emperor's death, Francis marched on Cuzco and easily captured with their advanced weaponry and allies. By 1535, with a capital of Lima had been established for a new colony. however the prosperous landscape was transformed. Pachakuti was a powerful Inca ruler who transformed the Incas in a large, proud empire. The Incas started as a small group of people is 10,000 feet high in the mountains of Peru. Pachakuti when he came to power, the Incas expanded borders in all directions, and finally conducted a population of about twelve million people. They made their capital Cusco and were the creators of many buildings Amazing stone, bridges and a network of 25,000 miles of
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