Inca And Aztecs Similarities

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The Aztecs and the Incas during their time were two of the most powerful civilizations. The Aztecs and the Incas had some similarities but for the most part they were very different. Each civilization way of life was changed once the Europeans appeared on American land. The Aztecs and the Incas social structure, government, religion, military, and trade were all things that were affected by the Europeans. The Aztecs social structure consisted of a nobility, indentured workers, slaves, and commoners. The male children born into noble families were sent to temples where they were taught them how to work, military training, and they learned about the Aztec society and religion. When the young male children became adults, they would select a career…show more content…
The power was given to the monarch and he had a divine and secular character. The ruler claimed that he was sent from the gods and served as the intercessor between the real world and the metaphysical world. The monarch did not obtain his status by succession but on the death of the current ruler. The ruler would chose his successor within the royal family and once they were placed on the throne they were given advice by a small council of lords. The council was headed by the prime minister and he served as the chief executive of the government and a bureaucracy. The most significant government officials were the tax collectors. The tax collectors collected tribute and used military action against those who failed to carry out their tribute. The Inca civilization state like the Aztecs was a monarchy and they were ruled by a leader known as the Sapa Inca. The Sapa Inca had several officers who were most of the time relatives. The Viceroy was a close relative to the Sapa Inca and was his closet advisor. The high priest of Inca was the second most powerful figure because of the importance of religion in the Inca Empire. The Inca Empire has been divided into four quarters called suyu. The suyu were Chincahy, Anti, Qualla, and Kuniti Suyu and each one was governed by a person called an Apu. The Inspectors watched over people to make sure that everyone was following the ways of the Inca. The military generals were usually relatives of the Sapa Inca and they were called the Apukuna. The Inca had two main taxes in order to run the government. The first tax was a portion of the crops and they were divided up three ways. The first of the crops was going to the government, then the second portion of the crops was going to the priest, and what was left was given to the people. The second tax was called the mit’a and this was a labor tax that each men between the ages of 16 and 60 had to pay by
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