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The Incas were a Native American people who inhabited present day Columbia to central Chile.Cuzco was the center of the city in the Peruvian Andes. The land of the Incas included coastal and mountain regions of Ecuador, Bolivia and northern parts of Argentina and central Chile; it was the greatest empire that existed in the Americas and stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the east of the Andes mountains. This land composed of not only tropical forest but also the world 's driest desert the Highlands of the Andes mountains, eastern foothills of the Andes as well as the western coastal region.( In the language of the Incas, the word Inca was the title of the emperor.
The origins of the Incas have been difficult to unravel. According to their
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In another version, the first Incas came from Ttampu t 'oqo (the house of windows), a sacred cave located at Pacariqtambo, the Inn of dawn at the south of their capital city, Cuzco. The first human pair were Manqo Qhapaq and his sister and wife Mama Oqllu. There more sibling pairs were born and together they set off to found their own civilization. The first Incas settled in the Cuzco valley and manco capac finally after defeating the chanca people with the aid of Pururaucas, stone warriors. As a way of establishing what would be the capital of Inca, Cuzco, they threw a golden rod into the ground.
According to archaeological evidence 4500bce is the date of the first settlements in the Cuzco valley. During this time, hunter gatherer communities inhabited the area. It became a significant center to the Inca empire at 1000-1400 ce. The Inca empire had over 10 million people. Cuzco emerging as the richest city in the Americas went from a modest village to the center of Inca life and was transformed by Pachacuti, the first emperor. It was the home of Inca leaders and had the palaces of dead kings with all the riches they acquired while alive .
The Incas called their empire Tahuantinsuyu which translates to "land of the four quarters" in Quechua, their native language. The empire of the Incas was divided into
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