Inca Vs Aztec Compare And Contrast Essay

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I am going to compare and contrast three tribes that were really interesting. The first one is going to be the Mayans, then the Aztec, and finally the Inca. The Maya, the Aztec, and the Inca had a lot of similar Rituals and ceremonies but also a lot of different ones. The three out of the following five topics are going to be Religion, Economy, and Technology. They all have their own ways of doing their own way. Religion is going to be about what they believed in and what gods and how they lived. Economy is about what were their main crops, what meat or fish did they eat. And Technology was what they made or came up how to use it.

The Mayans religion was similar to the Aztec and the Inca. They all had many gods (Polytheism) and they all did human sacrifices. They had very different gods too the Mayan had the god named was Itzamna the upper world god he created the sky he is a big god for the Maya, the Aztecs main god was the sun god his name was Huitzilopochtli, for the Inca their emperor was Sapa Inca but he was considered a god. The Mayan sacrificed humans and animals, the Aztec only did human sacrifices, and the Inca did some human sacrifices but it was mostly
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The Mayan ate corn, squash, beans, and potatoes. The Aztec grew corn and made something out of a corn husk beans, squash, and corn. The Inca grew corn too, they ate corn, potatoes, for the meat they ate guinea pigs for daily protein because there were no pigs. For more meat they ate cows, pigs, and turkeys. Occasionally they ate llamas or alpacas. They all ate and grew some of the same foods. The Inca would also eat some parts of the warriors they killed. They all grew corn it was a big part of their food. What is different about them was that the Mayan and the Aztec didn’t eat much meat they probably ate some kind of meat but I am not
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