Incarcerating Children Research Paper

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1. Cho, R. (2010). Maternal Incarceration and Children’s Adolescent Outcomes: Timing and Dosage. Social Service Review, 84, 257-282. Mothers being incarcerated has become more prevalent in todays society. With this being said, many children are being left behind at home with no mother figure around. This study examines how the amount of time a mother is in prison influences the relations the parent and child. The author analyzed almost ten thousand adolescent children and their relationship to their mother and social life. The the lack of communication between the mother and child has been found to set the child up for failure in the future. When a parent is not there to parent their kid they don’t grow up with that normal child hood leading…show more content…
Johnston, D. (2012). Services for Children of Incarcerated Parents. Family Court Review, 50, 91-105. The author illustrates how growing up without a parent is hard and children should have services directed towards them to help them cope. Whether the services are in or out of the prison it’s important that these children know about them and how to access them. Community based services are a main resource the author talks about. It is shown that many children who have a mother incarcerated were not living with that parent prior to their incarceration. These community services allow these children to have access to a center where they can talk and receive information on how to cope with their feelings and anger. The author also mentions how there is resources for toddlers, school aged, and adolescents. These services include transportation to the prison, mentoring, support groups, and recreational…show more content…
Schiavocampo talks to several inmates on their views about the subject. The author discusses how prison nurseries were very common in like 1950’s but they vanished twenty years later. Prison nurseries are slowly becoming evolved back into the penal system but are extremely hard to get accepted into. It is shown that about two thirds of women prisoners are mothers. The inmates she talks to says, “Babies belong with their mothers, whether it’s in prison or not.” Several studies have shown that women who have been part of the nursery program are less likely to return back to prison. The author demonstrates how keeping children with their mothers saves the child and the mother at the same time. 7. Solinger, R. (2010). Children of Incarcerated Parents: Bill of Rights. In Interrupted life experiences of incarcerated women in the United States. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 37-44. In this specific section of the book Interrupted Life shares short stories from children young and old about how they feel about their mothers being incarcerated and how they just want them home. This section states the rights children have and is followed by glimpses of their lives and experiences to go along with that right. Most of these children see their mom in and out of prison and how their mother is the same person as they were going into prison. It is
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