Incarceration Argumentative

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In comparison to other countries around the world, America has the highest incarceration rate (Class Discussion). Yet still, crime remains at a constant state. Other countries, such as Germany and Norway, have low incarceration rates, low crimes rates, and prefer rehabilitative alternatives to incarceration (Class Discussion). The irony of America, is that for decades evidence has indicated a crime decrease, incarceration increase, and defects in the criminal justice systems effort to prevent reoffending. A benefiting factor of high incarceration rates is the increase of free labor from prisoners. However, for the type of punishments such as the death penalty, it is unclear what is the beneficial factor and government intentions. The death penalty program is a greater burden to incarceration. The death penalty program involves longterm imprisonment, prior to and following the imposition of a death row sentence, high cost to supply prison staff, court staff, lawyers, and the prison system. However, there is lack of benefit to society considering the evidence…show more content…
If crime is decreasing and incarceration is increasing, society is in danger. In other words, incarceration is producing crime and perishing human growth by drawing government interest from promoting education, community ties, and the desire to excel in a working environment. Consequently, considering the history of political influences on the American justice system, high incarceration rates is a larger benefit for public officials who influence crime management in oppose to the needs of society, which indicates the purposeful process of incarceration. Rather than addressing the root of the crime to efficiently prevent crime, public officials have invested in the prison system by falsifying a “tough on crime” image to pleasure the public and glamorize their personal
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