Incarceration Research Paper

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Deliver a Speech on Incarceration

1 What percentage of U.S. adults are currently incarcerated? What is their demographic make-up (age, sex, race, class)?
A percentage of 0.5% of the United States population is incarcerated. That is equal to 1.6 million 93% of the population that is behind bars are males and the other 6% is female. According to race: 22% of people are Latinos, 37% are African Americans, 39% are Caucasians, and 20% are Asians and Native Americans. According to this breakdown it is true more whites are in jail, however, African Americans have the highest percentage of minority rate.
2 What justification(s) for punishment does incarceration meet?
There are four types of punishment. The most common type is retribution. Retribution is when you do something bad, and it is said something bad will happen to you in return. Retribution is an example of dicterans, dicterans is the idea of knowing there is a consequence to your actions, avoiding you to not participate in an inappropriate act or behavior. Due to this the government has strict law and rules explaining the cosequences if they are violated. Rehabilitation is also a program which helps one become an ideal human being in the society. Also, social protection participates in keeping the rest of the society. These include non- criminals. An example of social protection is inacting death penalty. Death penalty helps one from preventing a crime ever again.
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How does white privilege factor in?
Race plays a pivitol role with incarceration. African Americans are eight times more likely to be in prison than whites. Latinos are three times more likely. Our society assumes that whites are less likely to do crimes and minorities are more likely to be criminals. In my opinion, I personally think punishments are given accordingly, depending on the race you are. Which is
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