Incarnate Word High School National Honor Society

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I believe the efforts we do not make in prior life can be mistakes or setbacks for our future goals. At the time, we may lack knowledge which could help us reach goals that we did not know we wanted in prior years. For me, this goal was to be a member of the Incarnate Word High School National Honor Society. I met all but one of the requirements which was to maintain an average of 94 or higher. As a freshman, I thought this was out of reach for me and pointless to work toward so I decided to put NHS out of my sight. I did not realize my potential as a young scholar; in doing so, I set myself back academically. My priorities were set on understanding the hectic schedule instead of the vigorous goals that I have now.

As a fourteen year-old in freshman year, my standards were set lower for myself since I was unorganized and lost majority of the time. I lacked skills in time-management and multitasking; skills which I practiced and perfected through my school’s use of the modular schedule. It required planning and wise use of time since classes did not meet everyday. I was struggling to find a balance between understanding the modular schedule, attending cheer practice, and Girl Scouts. I relied on my common sense and notes in class to get average grades in
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I could place all the blame on the mistakes I made freshman year but that would not help change that I fell short of my goal twice. Instead I had to accept that my hard work was not hard enough and my endeavors were not my earnest. If I had the knowledge and skills that I have now back when I was a freshman, I would have had a higher chance at being a part of National Honor Society.The reality is that I cannot change what I did or did not do three years ago. Although the experience I have now would have helped me then, I must use my knowledge to help me now and not make the same
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