Incarnations Of Burned Children

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Every few minutes we see in the news a child being abused or getting hurt, but there is something we are not as cautious about as parents. Parents are often not cautious about their young ones when it comes to preparing hot water with them around. Being a mother of maybe two or three is hard to deal with all at once. Even a simple task as preparing a shower can be dangerous as they stated in “The first thing you hear is a terrible scream” written by Lucy Atkins, a Britain reporter from theguardian newspaper. Atkins wrote about a mother who was preparing the bath for her two young children, two-year old Joseph and three-year old Francesca, when an incident happened in the bedroom and she went to attend it. The mother left the hot water running…show more content…
While cooking or boiling water it is always said to keep children away, but like always or most often when parents aren’t cautious it is difficult them to pay attention to the food as well as their child. For instance, in a short-story written by David Foster Wallace called “Incarnations of Burned Children”, he writes about a child who’d also got burned by hot water, but in this case it had been with boiling water from the kitchen. Wallace wrote about a mother and father who went through a terrible incident with their child. It all started with a scream from both the child and mother. The mother had been yelling because she didn’t know what to do, so the father came in rushing to see what all the commotion was. As the father came rushing in he saw the mother on her knees on top of the water and the baby standing near the pot and on top of the steaming hot water. He was scared but didn’t want to panic and need to react quick to help his burned child. He saw the baby weeping from the burn sensation in his body and how the baby’s feet were burned. The mother crying and praying was in shock and didn’t know what was going on or how it happened so the father took control and requested she go get towels and gauze for the baby. The father dried him the baby off gently, but he was still in tears as if he was still burned. Both of the parents came to realize that his diaper was still on. As they took it off it both parents burned themselves and felt terrible of themselves for not realizing at first that that should have been the first thing to take off the baby. They rushed the baby to the hospital scared, even though all the obstacles were over they were worried for their child and blamed themselves for what
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